Non-surgical services

The initial step is first and foremost to determine the cause of the pain. Conservative treatment options are exhausted first before surgical approaches are considered.

 Conservative therapy in our practice covers all orthopaedic and trauma surgery conditions.

We place special emphasis on wear-related conditions such as osteoarthritis, spine conditions, athletic injuries, foot problems, and osteoporosis. Additional areas of emphasis include neonatal and paediatric orthopaedics as well as treatment of joint and spine conditions during pregnancy.  Appointments are available for shoulder, elbow, and hand conditions, as well as consultations for hip and knee problems.

We advise our patients on the choice of treatment and work out an individualized treatment plan together with them. Improvement in weight-bearing ability is achieved through muscle and motion exercises, pain therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and cartilage regeneration, among others.

The close contact that our physicians have with physical therapy institutes, rehabilitation and pain clinics, and a variety of orthopaedic and orthopaedic shoe technicians also contributes to achieving a successful treatment outcome.