In addition to our highly specialized services, we also treat all common orthopaedic diseases of the elbow, hand, ankle, forefoot, and toes.


The goal of our medical care is to provide scientifically based consultation and high-quality, high-value therapy which we base on the latest state of medical knowledge and our many years of experience. In the process, our goal is to consistently meet the individual needs of our patients as a team.

We see our primary orthopaedic task as recognizing conditions early and treating them so that surgery can be avoided.

Conservative therapy is designed to restore the balance between weight-bearing and the ability to bear weight, thus improving mobility. Changing occupational and leisure time behaviour and changing faulty patterns of motion can reduce stresses. At the same time, targeted muscle and motion exercise and individualized pain therapy using anti-inflammatory medications and, if necessary, cartilage regeneration, can improve the ability to bear stress.

Close contact between our physicians, physical therapy instituts, and a variety of skilled orthopaedic and orthopaedic shoe firms, as well as with health insurance companies, all work to ensure treatment success for our patients.

Surgery should be considered only when all the options for conservative therapy have been thoroughly tried and all the possibilities exhausted.