Shoulder Arthritis

Osteoarthritis of the joint surfaces can originate from a variety of causes. In many cases, the cartilage wear is caused by comminuted fractures of the upper arm, years of taking medications, or shoulder dislocations. However, most cases of osteoarthritis arise without any discernible cause.

Characteristic signs include pain after weight-bearing and severely restricted movement. In cases where the pain can no longer be tolerated with pain relievers, joint replacement (endoprosthesis) should be discussed as a significant treatment option.

The choice of which prosthetic to use depends on the type and stage of the osteoarthritis as well as the condition of the surrounding soft tissue.
The procedures are performed on an inpatient basis (one to two weeks). Follow-up treatment lasts 3 to 9 months. Time away from work is about 6 weeks for light work and 3 months for more physically demanding work. Annual implant checkups are recommended to inspect for any loosening or material wear.