Our Team

In 2006, Dr Stephan Noe established the division dealing with spine surgery, and Dr Mark Kettler represents the area of shoulder, elbow, and hand surgery.  Dr Bernhard Klein represents the area of conservative orthopaedics.

With more than 800 surgeries per year, the Orthopädische Gemeinschaftspraxis is one of the major multiregional joint surgical practices in Bavaria. The field of neonatal orthopaedics, neonatal ultrasound, and paediatric consultation is the area of specialization of Dr Bernhard Klein.

By specializing in their respective areas, our physicians remain on the cusp of the latest state of medical advancement in diagnostics and therapy. They keep their skills at the state of the art through continuing education and active memberships in different professional associations. Moreover, they also take on instructional positions, give presentations at professional symposia, act as peer reviewers for professional journals, and are members of examination committees.

The physicians are supported in their work by a well-trained team of associates. Patients can place their trust in these associates regarding any aspects of organizational issues.