The history of our practice

The Orthopädische Gemeinschaftspraxis (Joint Practice for Orthopaedic Medicine) with its associated orthopaedic department in the RedCrossHospital was founded almost exactly 40 years ago by Dr Jürgen Radke, M.D., and Dr Frank Diem, M.D.

Although general surgical care of the musculoskeletal system was the primary focus initially, the increasing specialization in orthopaedics gradually brought about a surgical focus on endoprosthetic care of the hip and knee joints.
The addition of Dr Bernhard Klein, M.D., further expanded the conservative spectrum into neonatal orthopaedics, including neonatal sonograms and paediatric office hours.
The increasing specialization in surgical orthopaedics was further enhanced in 2006 by the generational change and addition of Dr Stefan Radke, M.D., Dr Stephan Noe, M.D., and Dr Mark Kettler, M.D., to the joint practice.