Follow-up treatment

Patients are generally able to stand and walk on the day following surgery in the case of spinal canal stenoses and disk surgeries. Light physical therapy exercises generally improve stability.

In addition, a custom-fit corset protects the section of the spine that underwent surgery. Personalized outpatient physical therapy tailored to the patient is initiated two to three weeks after the procedure.
Follow-up recuperative treatment is particularly worthwhile in the case of pressure-relief procedures. Limited athletic activity is possible after four weeks. Patients are able to return to light office work around ten days after surgery.
Even in the case of fusion operations, patients are normally able to leave their beds 
on the day after the surgery. It is advisable in most cases to wear a brace as well.
The patient undergoes rehabilitation to learn new movement patterns in order to ensure the long-term success of the surgery. Depending on the patient’s profession, he or she can return to light physical activity around five weeks following surgery.