Surgery / procedures

Dr Mark Kettler has been active as a specialist in shoulder treatment for over fifteen years. Since the introduction of the practice’s focus on shoulder surgery in 2006, over 500 shoulder interventions have been performed per year. Nine out of ten of these shoulder procedures involve arthroscopic surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery, or keyhole surgery, makes it especially possible to perform minimally invasive procedures for shoulder tendon tears or impingement syndrome through very small incisions in the skin. Many of these surgeries can be done on an outpatient basis. In the case of shoulder tendon tears, we recommend a brief hospitalization to our patients to enable us to provide the best pain therapy possible and instruction on physical therapy.
Shoulder replacement is an option in the case of advanced osteoarthritis. The choice of prosthetic device depends on the type and stage of the osteoarthritis and the condition of the surrounding soft tissue.