Our areas of expertise

The goal we have set for ourselves in our Joint Orthopaedic Care Practice is to exploit the full potential of modern medicine to the benefit of our patients. The key to achieving this is the high degree of physician specialization among the members of our team. This makes it possible to provide more accurate diagnoses, which in turn, in combination with the latest treatment procedures, improves treatment success.

Our services include treatments for illnesses and injuries affecting the entire musculoskeletal system, and are handled by the specialists below. Spine: Dr Stephan Noe; shoulder, elbow and hand: Dr Mark Kettler; hip, knee, and foot: PD Dr Stefan Radke and Dr Stephan Deckelmann. Infants and children: Dr Bernhard Klein.
Precise diagnosis and optimal conservative and surgical care are the best way to ensure treatment success.
Regular continuing education and memberships in professional associations help us keep our skills at the state of the art.